Friday, 3 August 2012

Mole Warfare - FREE demo tunnels it's way on to android phones

For a while now, as lead creative at Media Wow,  I've had the opportunity to work on some fun, side-projects as time allowed. Now, after some intense learning and the release of Flash CS6, I've been able to release a demo of my first smart phone game, Mole Warfare!

The inspiration for this warfare epic hit me one day, walking home from work via the Leeds - Liverpool canal. For some time I had been wishing to have a go at developing a simple and addictive premise for a mobile game. I wanted to make use of the touch-screen interface AND the accelerometer as well as some nifty physics in one neat package. This would also provide an opportunity to do some illustration and character design :)

To beat the moles you simply light the fuse at the best length / timing and then guide your bomb down into enemy territory to find your quarry. Timing is key to ensure the bomb explodes close to your target so choose your fuse length wisely.

Work will continue towards the full release of the game, with lots of fun levels to play through. For now though you can whet your appetite with the 6 level demo, now available on Google play here!

You can also read more about the game on the Media Wow blog here.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Leeds Alternative Comics Fair

We had a real treat in store for us yesterday: the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair! We both eagerly headed over to A Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds to see what delights were on offer.

Image © Steve Tillotson

There were a few familiar faces including our friend Fon Ma a.k.a. The Pern (who taught us some kick ass self-defence moves last year), Hugh 'Shug' Raine the mastermind behind Reet Comic (we have stacks of those on our bookshelf) and Kristyna Baczynski whose blog we've been reading for years after spotting her work at the Northern Design Competition years ago.

It was a great afternoon out and a real contrast to the gloomy weather too. We even grabbed ourselves a copy of Kristyna's comic, 'Ladder' :D

Sunday, 8 April 2012


What!? Everyone colours in and decorates their (gone off) eggs at Easter! Right everyone? Are we right!?? Sure we are!

Just don't eat 'em (especially if they've gone off).

Saturday, 4 February 2012

20 Ways Pitch

Our friend Peter Kershaw from Duchy Parade films has produced yet another fantastic film "20 Ways" and is now seeking support to complete post-production. In his own words "20 Ways is a comic satire, a metaphor that uses drama, humor and music to explore the question of immigration." Watch this video to see Peter's pitch:

The pitch was produced by NMFR at Santa Fe Community College and edited by Gene Mederos. Cinematography by Patrick Reid

You can find out more and offer support by visiting:

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cows, Cats and Crazy Creative Animation

We caught this month's Creative Networks which featured one of our favourite animators and YouTube sensations, Cyriak. We've been nagging them for ages to get him in (by putting his name again and again as a suggestion for speakers on their feedback form), so we were really pleased when the talk was announced.

'cows & cows & cows' © Cyriak

His presentation was hilarious and unusual but also insightful. Having found previous design jobs unsatisfying, Cyriak decided to take his animation skills and love of the bizarre online, showcasing his self-initated projects on YouTube. Eventually he caught enough attention to start winning clients, often approaching him with bizarre and very specific requirements, (things in the same vein as 'a rhino skateboarding over Jesus' head and falling into a bowl of jelly whilst waving a white flag').

'Welcome to Kitty City' © Cyriak

As well as an obsession with mutating cows, sheep and other animals, (including his pet cat), Cyriak has also worked on some fantastic music videos. One of his latest projects (below) is simply beautiful and shows just how far he has come in a short time but it's heartwarming to know that he continues to produce his own self-initiated, twisted and higly entertaining animations on the side :)

'Hooray For Earth - "True Loves" (Cereal Spiller Remix)' © Cyriak

Check out Cyriak online at and on YouTube here:

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ruby Wedding Anniversary

It's my parent's Ruby Wedding Anniversary so we made this paper bouquet so that they'd get something a bit different this year. As you can see it's pretty, it's shiny and it'll last forever! :)

Happy Anniversary Mum 'n' Dad!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Rest in Peace Racheal

We had some terrible news this week which we found out through a post on Amy's website: Pikaland. Our friend, Racheal Anilyse, passed away at the end of last year.

We met her online in 2009 and collaborated with her by submitting illustrations to her zine, Underground Art School. Rach worked so hard on it - it was much more than just a zine really, it was a website for recent grads and creative professionals too. We exchanged many emails over the years, chatting about our lives and our creative work. She was always enthusiastic, supportive and encouraging.

Racheal had hinted that she was ill but never to this extent. We had no idea her difficulties were that severe. Reading back over old emails makes us now realise. She was an incredibly brave person. We hadn't heard from her in a while but thought she was just very busy creating beautiful illustrations for her children's books.

We never got to meet her in person and now sadly we never will but Amy shared some lovely news that really cheered us up. Racheal's family has started the Racheal Anilyse Art Initiative through the Rose Foundation of Haiti, and the University of Hartford School of Art (where she studied) has established a scholarship in her name. The University also has an online guestbook where you can leave a message. Knowing that her memory will go on with these initiatives has really made us smile :)

Rest in Peace Racheal. We'll miss you x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, New Portfolio Website

Hurrah! 2012 is upon us and with a brand new year comes my shiny new portfolio website! It's minimal, it's easy to navigate and it's all about the work.

Check it out here:

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

We were both very saddened to hear the news today that Steve Jobs, known the world over for his pioneering work at Apple, passed away after battling against pancreatic cancer.

The Apple website and it's tribute to Steve Jobs

He had resigned as CEO of Apple earlier this year due to his ill health but had continued to persevere despite this. A creative visionary, inventor and innovator whose products have transformed the way we see the world. He leaves behind a great legacy.

Rest in Peace Steve and thank you.